​​​                               Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge more for wedding cakes than other special occasion cakes?  

No,  all our cakes are custom so therefore they start at the same base price and go up from there depending on complexity of design.  Some Cakes can be baked and decorated in 2-3 days others can take weeks to make the decorations.

Cupcakes for Weddings??

Kudos on your upcoming wedding and your choice to serve wedding cupcakes! To answer your question, I have a simple rule of thumb when it comes to deciding how many wedding cupcakes to serve at a wedding reception:

If the wedding cupcakes are going to be served to guests by waiters, plan on making 1.25 wedding cupcakes per guests attending. For example, if you are expecting 100 guests, then you’ll need 125 wedding cupcakes (100 x 1.25 =125). Let me explain my reasoning. Obviously you’ll want each guest to have one cupcake, so you’ll need at least 100. Since waiters will be controlling the flow of cupcakes, it’s unlikely you’ll need more than 1 per guest. So why have 1.25 per guest? Well, in rare occasions sometimes people flag down waiters and ask for seconds (especially kids and teens). And sometimes waiters drop things. Imagine a tray of cupcakes hitting the floor as a waiter is navigating the dance floor during the bunny hop – it happens. So having at least 25% extra cupcakes ensures that you’ll have enough extras just in case. Better safe than sorry I always say [:)]

Do you do Taste Testings??

Yes...We offer an one hour consultation/ design session with tasting of up to three flavors.  For servings of 100 or more the cost is $35.00 which  applies to the final cost of your order. 

3D Carved/Structured Cakes

Carved, Structured or 3D cakes begin at $300 regardless of size.
The amount of detail or structural design can effect the price and could add to the base cost.
Each carved cake is covered in Ganache and Fondant and covered in extra food paint and details to create the final look.

Fondant Cakes

Each cake tier is 4 inches to 5 inches tall, filled with a flavor of your choice, frosted (with Ganache or buttercream) and covered with a layer of fondant. Cakes are presented on a sturdy decorative board.

 The amount of detail, flowers or structural design can effect the price, and add to the base cost.

 Delivery in Menifee is $20.00
 $1.00 per mile round trip after that.
A 50% deposit is required on all orders to save the date, final payment is due 3-4 weeks before the delivery date.

Terms and conditions of sale


We require at least 2 weeks for celebration cakes and 2 months for wedding cakes. But you can always check for availability.

Orders are taken on a first come first served basis so please contact us asap.

 All of our cakes are decorated by hand and are unique and we therefore require sufficient time to be able to complete each .

Sometimes due to workload we may be unable to take your commission.

For celebration cakes a 50% deposit is payable at the time of booking.

The deposit is non-refundable,  

For wedding cakes a 50% deposit is payable at the time of booking. The deposit is non-refundable. The balance is payable 3-4 weeks prior to delivery.

All deposits are non negotiable and non returnable  as deposits are used to purchase the basic ingredients for the cake and to book the time slot required for your cake creation, we will turn down other orders which clash with your order We accept payment by cash, cheque or Chase Quick pay.  An invoice will be sent with your contract from Pay Pal and request for payment from Chase.  If you wish to pay by Pay Pal payment must be made through (Send money to family or friends) to avoid a pay pal processing fee which is a percentage of the invoice plus a flat fee.

Please note that your booking is not a confirmed order until a deposit has been paid and no work will be undertaken until a deposit has been received.

Cakes Decorated with Non Edible Materials A modern trend in today’s weddings is the use of items such as brooches,
jewelery, dragees, gumpaste flowers , feathers and such to decorate your cake. Such items are not edible unless stated otherwise and must be removed from your cake/s before serving. We use such items at our customer’s request and accepts no responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.

Licenced characters ( such as Disney, marvel etc)Will be purchased by us from a licensed dealer only and the cost price passed onto the customer, We will not add a profit to these items, what we pay, you pay. The use of cheaper alternatives on cakes is contrary to copyright law and we can get a hefty fine for breach of a company’s intellectual property rights.  For example:We are happy to make an ‘ice princess’ cake in the style of the frozen theme but all characters will be purchased as above or left for you to add separately.
 If you could either send us details of the toys you are going to use or provide us with them for reference( we will return them) it would be of help, as these toys vary hugely in scale and size.


When ordering your cake you will be required to pay a 50% deposit. This is non-refundable.

 If you wish to postpone your cake until a later date or put monies paid towards any future cake order we can discuss the percentage of deposit transferred depending on how far ahead the new date is.

Please be aware that if you pay for your cake in full at the time of booking and the cake is subsequently cancelled, the maximum refund given will be 50% of the total cost unless, in the case of celebration cakes, a cake is cancelled 7 days or less before the due date then there will be no refund if payment has been made in full.

We are sorry if this sounds harsh but we turn down other orders to create your special cake.

If a celebration  cake is cancelled with more than 10 days to go we will refund up to 50% .

In the case of wedding cakes, if the cake is cancelled one month or less before the due date then there will be no refund if the cake has been paid for in full. If the wedding cake is cancelled with more than one month to go we will refund up to 50% .

Changes to Orders

Any changes made to the original quoted design must be agreed a minimum of 14 days  before the order,additions to the original order are subject a price change for any extra work and supplies required. Unfortunately if the design change is dramatic we will have to  charge for supplies already purchased for the previous design.
The deadline for accepting any changes for celebration, novelty and wedding cakes is one month before delivery date.
Any changes to the delivery  date must be agreed upon a minimum of 14 days before the original date ( if the date is later) if sooner a minimum of 14 days before new date. We will do our  best to accommodate your new date however,  day availability is secured with your initial deposit and if we are unable to accommodate your new date due to someone else securing that date previously and you do not wish to change it,  you may be subject to deposit loss.
 We are the only ones who can deliver cake/cakes.
We require the name of the contact person at the venue at the time of delivery. If there is no-one available to receive the cake at the agreed delivery time and the person who ordered the cake cannot be contacted within 30 minutes of the agreed time it will be returned to our shop for collection within 24 hours, if it is not collected or a new time agreed it will be kept for a further 24 hours then disposed of at our discresion,  at this point your full payment if forfeit and the order if deemed complete.
An alternate delivery or collection time will be chargeable depending on day/ time/ distance,  re- arrangements of collection will be at our convenience and occurs an additional $20.00 charge for an hour waiting slot( payable in advance)
We will not be responsible for any consequential loss due to non-delivery as a result of a customers fault.The contact person will be required to sign a confirmation that the cake has been received.Once the cake has been collected or delivered, set-up, and signed for we cannot be held responsible for any interference or damage to the cake.
Set up
Set-up is charged in 15 minute increments after the inclusive 20 minutes included in tiered cake prices at $20.00 is also the waiting charge if over the initial 20 minutes if we need to wait at the venue.If the cake is to be set up by staff at the venue,we will explain how the cake is to be displayed and obtain a signature to verify that you have done so.

Cake Cutting

we do not provide cake cutting service,however we will provide a cake cutting guide on request.You will need to use the cutting guides  provided to get promised servings from the ordered cake.

Outdoor Cake Display
Customer will be responsible for the location of the cake. Customer will b e responsible for a stable and level  cake presentation table upon which the cake is to be displayed. Summer day conditions can melt chocolate,buttercream and fresh cream covered cakes and if you choose to order one, we cannot be held responsible for any mishaps.

Right to the photographs of the cake
We keep the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of customers cake or pictures in which they may be included. For, e.g., advertising, display, website and internet promotion, photographic contests, public display, cake industry publications, studio display, television advertising, magazine advertising.

Right of Withdrawal
We have a right of withdrawal for any placed orders due to contributing factors For e.g., non-payment, non-cooperation, changes to order etc.
Cancellation by us for a reason beyond our control and not in reference to the customer will result in the customers choice of the order being transferred to an alternative day or full refund.
Cancellation due to customer error or non cooperation is dealt with as per set out earlier in these terms of sale.

Wedding cakes are normally  delivered on the day of the wedding unless otherwise specified
Please note that o
nce a cake has been delivered and  signed for at  delivery responsibility for the cake is then held by the customer and The Blooming Bakery cannot be held responsible for any damages thereafter.

If you have an accident with the cake of any means we will endeavour to fix it for you at our hourly rate of $20.00 an hour, but if we are required to travel to a venue the hourly rates start from the time we leave until the time we return to our business.
Cakes  should be left in the box at room temperature on a flat surface in a cool room. Do not refrigerate else the icing will sweat and wilt, only refrigerate after cutting the cake( if required). It is also not a good idea to store cakes in places such as a garage, conservatory, cellar or cold store or in the kitchen where it could become susceptible to steam, condensation & cooking odours.

Complaints are rare so when they do occur we take them seriously.  Corrections to inscriptions & minor changes when things are wrong can usually be carried out on the same day in most cases and you are required to give us the opportunity to do this. You must notify us of the problem upon delivery.
The cake, or a large part of cakes, MUST BE RETURNED to us within 3 days so that we can fairly assess the nature of the complaint. Photographs of cakes will not be accepted.

**if the cake is eaten we will not be able to confirm your complaint so please contact us ASAP before anyone else touches the cake.**

The maximum refund we will offer at anytime depending on the outcome of our assessment, will be the cost of the cake .. No further compensation will be offered.

                          Frequently Asked Questions